Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Winning the 2012 Leader Ladder Junior Elite category

Zippy and Tom Randall set some thought-provoking routes at Reading, which is such a friendly wall, for this comp. There were some strong competitors, not least Jim Pope. Got up everything up to 7c first time, but so did Billy and Jim. It was all down to the 8a and 8b.

The 8a had a technical start and ended with powerful climbing on good holds. First two times I got though the start but fell off, once because I had the sequence wrong, next time because I didn’t engage on a fingerlock hard enough. Got it third go.

Next up was the 8b which went up a cool prow into a roof. On my second go I got to the last hard move and collected all three bonus points, and the title. Pope was second, Billy third.

Really well-organised comp, and friendly lot at Reading. New wall, already with a good squad and  a good vibe. Psyched to go back.

Technical start on the 8a

Celebrating with Pope

Reading routes with the legend

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